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You can improve your life. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, known as DBT, is an immersive mental health treatment which helps people create a life worth living by reducing chaos, improving relationships, regulating emotions, and gaining control of thoughts and behaviors. The therapists at DBT Columbia are highly experienced in providing non-judgmental, validating treatment that is effective in helping you achieve your goals. Ready to start creating a life worth living?
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What We Do 

DBT Columbia provides adult treatment (18+) to clients throughout Missouri. Our treatment adheres to the comprehensive DBT model. After you finish orientation and commit to treatment, a typical week of treatment includes the following:

  1. Weekly Individual Sessions – bringing DBT into the specifics of your life and pain
  2. Weekly Group Skills Training* – the place you learn skills to change your life
  3. As-needed Skills Coaching – calls or texts throughout the week to help you apply your new skills when you need them most
  4. Team Consultation – your therapist and group leaders are part of a team of therapists supporting each other in helping you reach your goals

How it Works

After you reach out to us, we’ll pair you with a therapist who has openings and is a good fit for your problems.  You’ll do an initial consultation, then work with them for a few sessions to explore your problems, get oriented to how DBT works, and assess whether DBT is appropriate for your needs. After you complete orientation and determine DBT is the right treatment path for you, you have the option to make a commitment to DBT. After you make the commitment, you will begin skills training and coaching in addition to continuing individual sessions with your therapist. From the time you make your commitment and begin skills group, it’s approximately a year-long program. This gives you time not only to learn new behaviors but also to apply those skills effectively in a wide variety of contexts.

Who We Are

DBT Columbia is a cooperative of therapists at a variety of private practices across Missouri. This is considered a self-referral resource to help you get connected with therapists providing high-quality DBT. We are not in and of ourselves a treatment facility. We provide the services described above through a combination of virtual and in-person formats, maximizing access to services by taking advantage of technology available to us in today's world.

  1. Weekly Individual Sessions – These are provided through our individual therapist's private practices. Rates, billing practices, and orientation processes vary slightly depending on the therapist you're connected with. Our therapists are spread out across the state. All have virtual availability, and some offer in-person sessions in their local area. Almost all of our therapists are private-pay only, so if you absolutely must use insurance for services, we may not be the best fit.
  2. Weekly Group Skills Training – Weekly skills groups are provided virtually, and taught directly through DBT Columbia. The individual provider you see will refer you into a skills group and help you get connected. Groups are all private pay, billed at $50 per weekly 2-hour session. We currently only offer groups for adults (18+), but are working on offerings for family skills training for parents and their teens in 2023.
  3. As-needed Skills Coaching – This usually takes place with your individual therapist. Any therapist member of DBT Columbia may provide backup coaching if your therapist needs coverage.
  4. Team Consultation – This is a vital part of comprehensive DBT, and helps differentiate quality programming from therapists who have some training in DBT but are not providing comprehensive services. DBT Columbia offers the opportunity for therapists in private practices who don't have an in-house DBT team to be part of a well-trained, actively functioning consultation team so you can receive the best treatment available.

Teenagers and Their Families

As of fall 2022, we do not have providers who are actively taking on teen patients and are not keeping a waitlist for teens. We recognize there is a vital need for DBT services for teenagers and we are hoping to expand services in 2023, but this will require us finding participating therapists with the training, availability, and desire to join our cooperative. If you are looking for services for a teen, we will not be a good option at this time. Please keep an eye on our website for future updates.