Our Program

Program Mission

To provide comprehensive, adherent, evidence based Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to both adolescents and adults with compassion and precision. This program partners with people who are mood and behaviorally dysregulated to support valued living.

Vision Statement

To provide high quality DBT services to the people of Mid-Missouri. Assisting clients in making positive change through acceptance and validation.

DBT Columbia provides adult treatment (18 and over), to Mid Missouri clientele. The treatment offered is adherent to the comprehensive model. Adolescent treatment (13-17 year olds) is offered individually, on a case-by-case basis. Referrals to multi-family skills groups are available for adolescents and their families.

The comprehensive model for adults includes the following:

    1. Individual Psychotherapy

    2. Group Skills Training

    3. Coaching-available as needed

    4. Team Consultation-for therapists and facilitators only

PLEASE NOTE: As of 7/28/2020, DBT Columbia LLC is not presently offering a direct multi-family skills group through our program, but we do have referral options in the community.

The multi-family comprehensive model includes the following:

    1. Individual Psychotherapy-adolescent

    2. Family Therapy Sessions-available as needed

    3. Multi-family Group Skills Training-minimum of 1 parental support person must attend regularly

  1. Team Consultation-for therapists and facilitators only