Parent Resources

DBT recognizes how difficult it is as a parent or family member to understand the emotions of your loved one, and know what best to do. Just like the therapists in a DBT Program, you need support and validation. This page will offer some suggestions for reading and resources related to helping you to understand and help the people in your life who may be involved in our program.

The Skills:

If we could teach one skill that would be the most helpful in supporting your family member, and relationships in general, it would be VALIDATION. Please look at the link below to learn more about how this skill can help in the process of regulating your loved one's emotions and improving communication and relationships.


Good Reads:

See this list below for some suggestions on books to read that cover many topics relevant to DBT, including related therapies, self-harm, relationships and mindfulness practice.

Behavioral Tech Reading List

Understanding Self-Harm

Read this summary located at the bottom of this page (Myths of Self Injury) from Michael Hollander's book "Helping Teens Who Cut" that explains some of the myths about self-harm. A must read for parents and those who work with self-harm teens to better understand this behavior.